Online Education Fair

Eduluk’s Online Education Fair (Eduluk Fair) or Virtual fair is a hosted online fair where you can connect with Students and Parents not only India but also from other countries too without going out of your Institution premises or allocating resources to manage your stalls. This way your are able to engage with Online savvy and a digital generation Student.

With Eduluk Fair you can apart from your existing cities and successful markets, you can target in non-explored no traditional markets and cities, without risking finance and investment which is usually required.

Eduluk Fair helps you to promote your Institutions, provide Detailed information about your Institution, get filtered leads, just like it happens in a physical fair but with very less cost, logistics issues and manpower.

Eduluk Fair takes place over much longer period, is available 24x7,captures minute details of visitors and hasa faster cum latest technology which helps you to get real time data from any location thereby increasing your conversion ratio for admissions.

Benefits to Institutions

• Detailed Information about Institution – in a user friendly design
• Upload Images and pictures of Institution , infrastructure, facilities
• Updation of Online Brochure, admission form, fees details and any other document
• Longer Duration and Time – from one month to more
• Bigger Geographical Reach – not limited to just one city or location
• Very cost effective – no stalls, no logistics, no man power, no paper marketing material
• Greater Branding Activity – visibility for much longer period
• Detailed Analytics – get filtered visitor report , geographical areas to focus etc
• Know who is downloading which information about your Institution
• Online Promotion and Coverage – on various social media platforms
• Get online queries and feedback from students and parents

Benefits to Students, Parents and Visitors

• 24x7 Availability of Information
• No Rush, No Limitation thereby saving Time and Hassles
• Wide Selection of Institutions
• Search from the comfort of your home
• Offline messages to Institutions
• Special offers
• Compare Institutions
• Get detailed information about each Institution
• Entry is free