Why We Are

“ While doing a search for a school for my son, I realized the dearth of information and options regarding educational institutions on Internet “ says Manu Mital, Founder and CEO of eduluk. In a young Nation ( with over 356 million people 10-24 year old ) quality of education is very important and need of the hour. But a complete and accurate mapping of educational institutions is still a distant dream.

Though , at the district level and state level there has been many efforts but at the All India level in both k-12 and Higher Education finding a comprehensive listing of institutions which can be readily searched viewed and information gained is still missing in the public domain.

“Young people are the Innovators, creators, builders, and leaders of the future. But they can transform the future only if they have the skills, health, decision-making and real choices in life” says a UN report Titled “ Power of 1.8 Billions “ “Never before have there been so many young people. Never again is there likely to be such potential for economic and social progress. How we meet the needs and aspirations of young people will define our common future” The report adds.
With the right policies and investments in human capital, we can empower young people to drive economic and social development and boost per capita incomes.
The above and the enactment of CSR legislation in April 2014, makes it all the more important for creation of such exhaustive and comprehensive listing of educational institutions. With CSR being made mandatory, it has been transformed from being a choice to a necessity , Education will be one of the major gainers and focus areas for the company.

Consequently , this exhaustive listing will help companies identify institutions where they can spend their CSR money. It will also help parents (local and migrating) to search , find and compare institutions for their wards. Such a listing is a boon for International students, who can now find at one place all type of institution while they are still sitting in their country.