What You Get

  • Parent : As a parent, you can explore options for your ward and get the relevant details about the institutions, so you can make an informed decision. You can also give your feedback about the institutions through our unique review process which reaches the institution’s management and get their response as well.

  • Student :As a student, you can search for institutions along with the relevant details. You have the option to update your profile on our student portal with information about your achievements, progress and participation is extracurricular activities to create a transcript of your yearly achievements, give feedback about your institution through our unique review process, invite friends to be part of the portal, and also, with time interact with other students and look for jobs.

  • Teacher/Faculty : Create your profile on our teacher portal, update your yearly achievement, new degrees, participation in training, publication of papers, give feedback about your institutions, find and apply for jobs, network with other teachers.

  • Alumni : Connect with your institution, give feedback through our review process, post jobs, create alumni network and post events.

  • Institutions’Management : Validate your listing, create your free listing page, subscribe to eduluk-Brand Connect for creating detail pages which are responsive and can work on any device - tablets or mobiles - reply to user feedbacks and reviews, get customized surveys done, post vacancies on job portal, subscribe to our other products like SMS marketing, online shop, online fee payment, domain registration, website hosting , advertise your institution etc.

  • Corporates :Search and find institution to spend your CSR money, post jobs for students, advertise your products to target the young Indians.

  • Partners, Vendors and Suppliers : Reach institutions through email/ SMS, advertise your products to catch the institutions’, parents’, teachers’ and/or students’ attention.

  • Government : Use tools created for teachers and students, various analytical tools and automate the process of freebies given to students through our incentive tool.

  • NGO'S : Register and create a profile, tag institutions where work is done, update the institution’s profile with your work and get connected with more donors.