What We Stand For

  • Ease of Use : We create a user-friendly experience for all users. Our portal is, therefore, extremely simple to navigate and use.

  • Completeness :We provide all information and details which are complete to great extent and relevant for decision making.

  • Excellence : We follow robust processes internally that are at par with global norms and strive to meet the expectations of all stakeholders to their satisfaction.

  • Commitment : We are committed to bringing about a paradigm shift in education through the use of data and analytics.

  • Non Discrimination : We do not discriminate between institutions and hence, there is no bias in terms of the information shared on our portal w.r.t. institutions, teachers, students or partners.

  • Transparency : Every stakeholder – parent, student, management, teacher, policy maker - should be confident that the data displayed is transparent and unbiased, so they can enjoy the value eduluk offers.

  • Collaborative : We seek and share knowledge, listen to and value everyone’s contribution, recognize achievements, and cooperate with others to achieve the goals we have set out for eduluk.