What We Do

  • Data Collation and Display : We collate data of various educational institutions through primary and secondary sources, clean it to eliminate any errors, create an algorithm to present the data to the public in such a manner that is easy to use and comprehend.

  • Data Analysis and Research :The large volumes of data need to be analysed and sorted in a manner that meaningful information can be derived from it. One should be able to research the data to present informative reports to decision makers.

  • Development :We develop various software products for educational institutions in order to simplify their work and make their online presence more productive and fruitful. We also undertake customized projects for institutions.

  • Consulting : With our vast experience in the education sector and the data which we collate over time, we also provide consulting to institutions on improving quality of education, infrastructure upgrades, facilitating approvals from regulators and authorities, mergers and acquisition of institutions, manpower hiring etc.

  • Marketplace :Education is one segment which is tough to crack for education partners, vendors and suppliers. We provide a unique platform to everyone to announce, share, and advertise their products for them to reach the right set of people.

  • Tools for Decision and Policy Makers : We create tools which are useful for policy and decision makers. We have already created Tools for teachers, students and the freebies which the government distributes to its students. We have also created some tools which will help in the migration of teachers and students and can link coaching institutes with students and teachers.