Our Partners

Objective :

To get associated with the Booming Indian Education Sector with one of the Largest Portal in the Education space.

Why Become a Marketing Partner?

• To be part of revolutionary missionary product and service which will have International Appeal
• For getting additional revenues in case you as existing education service provider
• To be a self employed individual with good monthly returns
• To be part of a MISSION to improve Indian education system and contribute to the Nation Building
• Get performance linked bonus for meeting targets and over achievements
• Marketing support in the form of enquiries given for closure and on the field sales support and also marketing material which will help in selling efforts.

Products to Market :

Each of the Marketing Partner will be given all the products under the eduluk portal which they can sell in their territory.

Sign up Fees :

Sign Up fees of Rs.5,000.00 per territory. A territory is normally as complete district within a state which is a nonexclusive to the marketing partner. The contract will be on yearly basis to be renewed every year.

Security Deposit :

Rs.50,000.00 in case of metros and State Capitals
Rs.30,000.00 in case of other Districts.
The security deposit is interest free and is refunded when the contract is over and the account are settled with the company.
In case there is no performance from the Partner the company can terminate the contract by giving one month notice.

Requirement from Marketing Partner:

An office space with computer and printer plus telephone line. In case the Marketing partner wants to have sales staff it is welcomed but the cost of the same will be borne by the Marketing Partner.

Revenue :

The Marketing Partner will get attractive commission based on products sold and target achieved which will be informed at the time of finalizing the contract.

Termination of Contract :

The marketing partner can terminate the contract by giving three months’ notice to the company. The company can terminate by giving one month notice in case of non performance.

Business Ownership :

Business ownership lies with the marketing partner. It means that the partner will be actively involved in the running of the business on a daily basis. The partner is expected to generate queries through their references, network and otherwise as well. EDULUK team shall guide and support the partner on the same. It is the partner who will be responsible for running the operations and generating business. Any query coming to eduluk team for the area concerning the partner will be passed on to the concerned marketing partner.

Recruitment of Staff :

Recruitment will be done by the marketing partner as per the need of the business. The partner shall initiate the recruitment process through various means such as advertisements, consultants and referrals. The Terms &Conditions for the employment shall be decided by the partner. The employees hired by the partner shall be on his payroll and not EDULUK. However, EDULUK has the right to terminate any partner employee if it found not suitable or not adhering to EDULUK norms.

Training :

The training for the marketing partner and its staff to be done by EDULUK team. The cost of training to be borne by EDULUK. However, the cost of travel and stay to the partner location to be borne by the marketing partner. The partner can also come to Corporate office for training the cost of which will be borne by the Partner.

Commission Payable :

Commission payouts shall happen monthly. The marketing partner will need to submit sales and collection reports for the same. Once the reports are submitted and the final working of commission is done by the finance team. The payment shall be done within 5 working days of the final working of commissions.


TDS shall be deducted on all the commission/incentive payments done to the marketing partner.

Payment collection from Clients:

All payments from the customers shall be collected in the name on EDULUK or the name provided by the company and need to be deposited in the respective bank accounts. NO CASH Collection to be done from any customer.

Marketing Activities :

All marketing activities to be carried out by the marketing partner on their own in their respective Areas after getting the approval from the EDULUK Team. The cost of all local marketing activities shall be borne by the partner. All communications and stationery to be used for communication will be approved first by the EDULUK Team. The collateral of all stationery and communication will come from the EDULUK Team to be printed and distributed by the partner.