Blog Do's & Don'ts

Blog Do's & Don'ts

(Showcase your writing skills to the world. Be part of the community of writers.)

Some Do’s:

• Anyone can write who is a registered user of eduluk.

• The content should be original in nature.

• Various categories and sub-categories to choose from.

• Submit a brief details about you as a writer.

• All pictures/Images should be given credit and linked to the source if it is not yours.

• Write in any language ( but send a copy in English too ). We are not limited to just English.

• All blogs should be licenced to eduluk for reuse.

• Promote your blogs for likes and comments.

Some Don’ts:

• Don’t plagiarise.

• Don’t write a promotional blog for any product/person/company.

• No bias or criticism should be seen in your writing be independent.

• Don’t write on topic which are controversial .

• Don’t spam with too many blogs in too short a time.

• Don’t spam with too many blogs in too short a time.


• Your Submission will go through a process of conformity with site policy of blogs.

• All promotional / products details/ company announcement will be rejected.

• All work of plagiarism will also be rejected.

• Give us atleast 7 working days to approve or reject.

• You will receive an email from us for approval or rejection.

• Once the blog is online you can promote it for likes and comments.

• The popularity of blogs will be based on the number of comments received.

• All comments are subject to approval too .

• You can delete any comment which is not in good taste.

• All rights of reuse with credits to writer will be with eduluk.

• All rights of approval and rejection is with the approval board of eduluk.


• The views expressed , tables or data used in the blog will be of the writer and in no way represents the views of eduluk or its team.

• Any legal action arisen out of the views expressed in the blog will be addressed by the writer concerned.