About Us

EDULUK™ is essentially a search and discovery platform for educational institutions across India.
As students or parents of students looking for the right institution for admission, it is crucial that you do the necessary groundwork to gauge how a particular institution can add value to you or your child and how it fares on various parameters that are instrumental for taking the final decision. We aim to facilitate in not just identifying the right institutions across India based on one’s interest or merit, but also present genuine and meaningful feedback about every institution to prospective candidates/parents.
Our objective is to portray a complete picture of the educational institution that you may be interested in, so you can get to know your prospective institution better and take an informed decision when applying for admissions. Our ultimate goal is to make the education and admission process totally transparent and convenient for students and their parents, and this platform is the first step in that direction.
While searching for educational institutions anywhere across India, finding an exhaustive list of all institutions at one place is the foremost challenge. We aim to remove this obstacle by offering a listing of all recognized educational institutions, i.e., schools, colleges, universities and professional institutions on one common platform.